Annual General Meeting – 2014

The annual general meeting for the year 2013 took place on January 29th, at the Arts & Letters Club. The evening kicked off with introductory remarks by the Chair who also introduced the 2013 Chapter Board Members in attendance.

Candidates of the upcoming PEO election were introduced but they did not address the audience. Present PEO Council members in attendance did however have a chance to address the audience, specifically:

  1. Denis Carlos, P. Eng. – East Central Region Senior Councillor
  2. Roger Jones, P. Eng. – Councillor at Large
  3. Changiz Sadr, P. Eng. – East Central Region Councillor

Robert Li, P. Eng. was recognized for his 5 years of volunteer work for PEO, and John Glover, P. Eng. for his 25+ years. John Bailes, P. Eng. was recognized with a Certificate of Fellowship.

2014-01-29 GMK_3749cp25 2014-01-29 GMK_3755cp25 John Bailes 

Candidates for the upcoming PEO Election addressed the attendees briefly, followed by a presentation of the Treasurer’s Report for 2013 by Robert Li, and a presentation of the Activity Report for 2013 by Hugo Maureira.

The evening finished off with an informative seminar entitled “Evidence-Based Automobile Fuel Efficiencies” presented by William Vukson.

Minutes and additional documents from the AGM will be published separately.

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