Chair’s Message

Larisse NHello East Toronto Chapter,

If you are reading this, I am going to assume you care about the engineering profession and are already tuned in to what’s going on at PEO. I need your help reaching out to your fellow members to engage them and get them more involved with the governance of the profession.

We are a self-regulated profession. That means we have been given the right and the privilege by the province to govern our own affairs. The best way for us to promote our profession is by participating in the PEO council elections.

I decided to be involved with my chapter to help new immigrant like me to successfully become professional engineer in Ontario, as they usually get discouraged by the lengthy process. The process is only lengthy when you don’t understand the requirements for licensure and you don’t know how to get help from PEO or your local chapter.

When I started volunteering with the East Toronto Chapter, I learned even more about the benefits and values of being part of PEO and the importance of keeping our profession self-regulated.

A respectable voter turnout to elect those who decide how our licence is administered is of paramount importance to maintaining the value of that licence.

The profession (your profession) needs your help. There is no better promotion than word of mouth and PEO needs you to help communicate with those we can’t reach.

What can you do?

(1) Read up on PEO issues: continuing education, specialized practices, enforcement, council elections, etc.

(2) Strike up conversations with your engineering colleagues about PEO. When the all too common refrain of ‘I just don’t see how PEO matters’ comes up, let them know that it’s PEO’s job to maintain the integrity of the P.Eng. licence. That really matters.

(3) When the election comes along in February of each year, ask people who they are supporting, not just if they are going to vote. Speak to them as if you assume they are going to vote.

(4) Be involved and volunteer with your local chapter. Our chapters are 100% run by volunteer and provide a crucial link between profession engineers / EIT and PEO council, and promote the value of engineering to local communities.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. Now I ask that you take the time to reach out to your colleagues. Let them know how important you believe the profession is and I’m sure that through your enthusiasm, they will share that belief.

Yours truly,

Larisse Nana Kouadjo, P.Eng., PMP, Chair

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