Licence Requirements and Processes: Academics and Experience

PEO East Toronto Chapter is proud to present this seminar in partnership with David Kiguel, PEO’s Experience Requirements Committee Chair

Time and Date:

Date: 20 April 2021

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Registration: Please follow this link

Seminar Overview:

1.         What is Professional Engineering?

2.         Licence Requirements: Good Character, Academics, NPPE, Experience and References

3.         Exam Programs

4.         ERC Interview to confirm academics

5.         National Professional Practice Examination

6.         Acceptable Experience Requirements

7.         How to prepare the Experience Summary

8.         Referee Requirements

9.         ERC Interview to verify experience

10.       Virtual Interviews Format

11.      Interview preparation and expectations

Presenter Bio:  David Kiguel, P. Eng., FEC

  • Electrical Engineer Degree; University of Chile, 1969
  • M. Eng. Courses, University of Toronto, 1977-1981
  • Retired from Hydro One Networks Inc. in 2013 after a 36-year career with Hydro One and its predecessor Ontario Hydro.
  • Hydro One’s position when retired: Manager of Reliability Standards

David’s current and recent volunteer positions:

  • Chair of the Licensing Committee, 2021
  • Chair of PEO’s Experience Requirement Committee (ERC), 2018-2020
  • Vice-Chair of PEO’s ERC, 2014-2017
  • Member of PEO’s ERC since 2004
  • Member of PEO’s Licensing Committee since 2017
  • PEO’s Order of Honour Member, 2020
  • Member of the North-American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Standards Committee, 2015-2020
  • Member of the North-East Power Coordinating Council (NPCC) Regional Standards Committee
  • Member of the Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) Reliability Standards Standing Committee (RSSC)
  • Member of the IESO’s Regional Supply Planning Metro Toronto Local Advisory Committee (LAC).
  • LAC Liaison with the Toronto Planning Working Group (IESO-Hydro One-Toronto Hydro)

Where can I contact the event organizer for my questions?
For further inquires, please contact PEO East Toronto Chapter at

Essentials of Setting up a Functional & Beautiful Home Office

Date: 31 March, 2021
Time: 6:30-7:30 PM
Registration: Please follow this link

Seminar Description

Now that many Provincial Governments have mandated that we all work from home, it’s important, now more than ever, for working professionals to find a balance between working from home and maintaining a healthy personal life. One way to accomplish this is by seeking the expertise of a design professional to create a functional and beautiful home office. This webinar is ideal for professionals with busy careers and households who may not have the time or know-how to set up their ideal home office. Perhaps you’ve tried to do-it-yourself but your current home office lacks appropriate lighting, has an awkward layout and doesn’t really reflect your professional brand.

In this 45-minute session, I’ll break down the following topics, followed by a 30 minute Q&A session:

1. The fundamentals for space planning, particularly when converting a spare bedroom into an office

2. Appropriate task and ambient lighting for work and virtual meetings

3. How to infuse your personal and professional brand into your office, and perhaps say goodbye to generic digital backgrounds

I’ll also be doing a give-away for a 1-hour virtual design consultation for those interested in participating in the draw (valued at $200)!

Presenter Bio

Amanda Lwanga is a licensed Professional Engineer, with over 12 years of experience in design and Project Management. As the Founder and Creative Director of Linger Design Studio, she works closely with trusted Developers, Builders, General Contractors and Artisans who are exceptional in their respective fields. Her education and career are rooted in the sciences. In 2007 Amanda completed a Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Environmental Systems Engineering and then in 2016, a Masters of Advanced Studies in Architecture – focusing on regenerative design. Linger Design Studio serves homeowners and businesses across Canada who are seeking to reduce their impact on the environment while basking in an elevated space. As a strong believer in inter-disciplinary problem solving, Amanda believes that art, science, and design are all governed by similar principles.

“Whether you’re balancing the composition of a painting or a stoichiometric equation, the process of striking balance is essential to producing a successful outcome. Though different mediums and tools are used, there is a general order of operations. The ability to assess and re-shape problems from different perspectives often yields the most meaningful results.”

National Engineering Month (NEM) Virtual Event – Future Engineers Career Seminar




Date: 26 March, 2021
Time: 4:30-5:30 PM
Registration: Please follow this link



The objective of the event is to bring youth interested in STEM together virtually as part of National Engineering Month’s Week 4 seminar series focused on; Ethics, engineering, and technology’s impact on society, resilience, wicked problems and focus on the future.

Seminar Description:

As engineers looking to prepare for the future, we must engage new generations to inspire them to pursue an engineering profession. By introducing an approachable problem that can be solved using familiar materials in the home, this event aims to open up youth to open-ended problem-solving.

Participants are directed to craft a model structure, tower, bridge, or alike to reach a height, span a gap, or support the weight. Design a solution to their chosen problem using materials found in their homes or by obtaining materials from our suggested list.

Your creative solution is best realized if completed and is not limited by the time allotted by this event. That is why after the conclusion of the event we will be accepting submissions by attendees who decide to submit an online form to the Event Team. Demonstration of how to submit is included during the event providing ways to document your work and measure your success.

The seminar will wrap with a progress check-in, plus Q&A period.

Suggested Materials (members): Slender pasta, Bobby pins, Cotton swabs, Toothpicks

Suggested Materials (connections): Marshmellows, Gumdrop (Jujubes)

Measuring (length, height, weight): Ruler, Measuring tape, Scale

Start with something small..






End up with something strong!








The event is hosted by the Education Outreach Committee who are Board members of the East Toronto Chapter of Professional Engineers Ontario.

Should you have any questions, please email