Webinar – Design Thinking: Progress Amid Uncertainty

Date: 7 May 2020

Time: 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Location: Online

Registration: Please follow this link

Seminar Overview:

Innovation thrives in a crisis.

The scale of the impact caused by the current pandemic is staggering. The companies that survive and thrive will necessarily be the most nimble and innovative. Design Thinking is the ideal approach to identifying need, clarifying problems and taking the risk out of innovation.

Learning from the best, and the worst.

Design Thinking reminds us that we don’t know everything and we never will. This sobering realization underpins the two vital instincts Design Thinkers have. They iterate, and they ask.
The World Economic Forum identified three vital skills the world’s leading organizations will need in the world beyond 2020: complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. Design Thinking encompasses these skills with a human centered approach to delivering value.
This online workshop will not be a lecture, it will be hands on and interactive. Together we will explore successes and failures at Tesla, SpaceX, Boeing, NASA, and Steelcase. How did they apply Design Thinking instincts, and what price they paid when they didn’t?

Speaker Bio: Tim Hampton, B.Eng.img

Tim Hampton is a director of computing at York University. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering (Carleton) and is the founder of the Design Thinking training company designthinkingtoronto.com.





Should you have any questions, please email easttoronto@peo.on.ca.

National Engineering Month 2020: The Egg Drop Challenge

Date: April 4, 2020

Time: 12:30PM – 4:00PM

Location: Toronto Public Library – S Walter Stewart Library
170 Memorial Park Avenue
Toronto, ON

Register: Please follow this link

EVENT PHOTOS: The photos will be posted here after the event


You are invited to celebrate National Engineering Month by participating in The Egg Drop Challenge! The Egg Drop Challenge is an interactive workshop where you can design and build protection for a falling egg. Each egg will undergo tests to see how far it can drop! Prizes will be awarded.

This event will be staffed by professional engineers and university engineering students who will answer any questions you may have about the engineering profession.

Students grade 2 – 6 and their parents are welcome. Refreshment will be served.

The event is free, but space is limited.


This event is co-sponsored by the S. Walter Stewart Library branch and the East Toronto Chapter of the Professional Engineers of Ontario.


East Toronto Seminar: A Review of the Regulatory Performance of PEO

Date: 16 MAR 2020

Time: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Location: Toronto Public Library – Fairview Branch,35 Fairview Mall Drive, Meeting Room #3 (4th Floor) Toronto, ON M2J 4S4

Register: Please follow this link

Seminar Overview:

Marilyn Spink, P.Eng. – a practicing Engineer for over 25 years – has been a PEO Councillor for the last 6 years. She will share what compelled her to get involved with PEO Council at this stage of her career, key learnings about PEO’s mandate as a regulator – especially what she wish she had known about PEO earlier in her career! Your participation and questions are encouraged. Marilyn will facilitate a critical discussion all Engineers should be engaged with regarding current threats and opportunities for our Engineering Profession using the 15 recommendations from PEO’s recent independent regulatory performance report as a lens. Whether you are a P.Eng. or an EIT, this interactive presentation will provide an understanding of why Council commissioned the independent regulatory performance report and actions Engineers can take so we remain a strong self-regulated profession to “Own Our Future” or it may be owned by others.

Speaker Bio: Marilyn Spink, P.Eng.

Marilyn graduated from Queen’s University in materials & metallurgical engineering. She was “bit by the Capital Projects bug” after designing, constructing and commissioning a steel mini-mill in Kentucky. She then progressed to multi-discipline design engineering management delivering large, complex minerals projects around the globe from $500M USD to over $9B USD. She is currently President of GS Group, a global project advisory practise. Marilyn volunteers her time via her lieutenant governor appointment to PEO’s Governing Council – Canada’s Largest Engineering Regulator. She is a sought after thought leading speaker. Her goal is to influence corporate boards to shift their mindsets towards sustainability, specifically the mining sector, employing the design thinking of an Engineer.

Should you have any questions, please email easttoronto@peo.on.ca.

PEO East Toronto Chapter AGM 2020

Dear PEO East Toronto Chapter Member,

You are cordially invited to attend the PEO East Toronto Chapter’s:

Annual General Meeting 2020 

Come out and see what the Chapter’s all about.

Date: February 05, 2020 – 6:30PM,

Location: Arts and Letters Club of Toronto – 14 Elm St.

Registration: Eventbrite link

Event Photos: PEO Flickr


Riverdale Collegiate Raiders Robotics demonstration

Chris Glover

 Keynote Address: 

Chris Glover, MPP

Chris Glover was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in 2018 representing the riding of Spadina-Fort York. He is the Official Opposition Critic for Colleges and Universities. Prior to his election to the legislature, Chris was a TDSB Trustee, a member of the Toronto Board of Health and an Adjunct Professor at York University.

As MPP, Chris is working on:

  • Expanding co-op housing as a way to address the affordable housing crisis.
  • Advocating for a reversal in OSAP cuts
  • Advocating for the daycares and schools we need
  • Working to reduce gun violence through a public health approach

As a former School Board Trustee and member of the Toronto Board of Health, he continues to:

  • Advocate for bicycle safety by reducing the number of doorings
  • Work with the Zero Gun Violence Movement, Communities for Zero Violence, Think 2wice and other groups to advocate for a public health approach to ending gun violence

Chris is a community advocate and is working hard to be a strong voice for Spadina-Fort York at Queen’s Park.


Time Item
6:30 pm 0. Registration, Reception, Refreshments/Hors D’oeuvre
7:00 pm
  1. Call to Order & Introductions                              Chair – Larisse Nana Kouadjo, P.Eng.
  2. Approval of the Agenda
  3. Appointment of Minute Taker
  4. Approval of Minutes of Previous AGM               Secretary: James Tait
7:05 pm
  1. Committee Reports

5.1.   Government Liaison Program

Committee Chair: Nadia Aftab, P.Eng.

5.2.   Licensure Assistance Program

Committee Chair: Michael Martin, P.Eng.

5.3.   New Member Licence Presentation

Committee Member: Margarita Minceva

5.4.   Education Outreach Report & Presentation of Scholarship

Committee Chair: Rachel Jorritsma

5.5.   Communication

Committee Chair: Gilles Rumfels

7:20 pm 6.   Treasurer’s Report 2019                                       Treasurer: Nicholas Burgwin, P.Eng.
7:25 pm 7. Riverdale Collegiate Raiders Robotics
7:40 pm 8. PEO 2020 Council Elections – Candidate Introduction and election speechChristian Bellini, P.Eng., FEC– President -Elect candidateTim Kirkby, C.E.T., P.Eng., FEC – Vice President candidatePeter Cushman, P.Eng.- East Central Region Councillor candidate

Christopher Chahine, P.Eng., PMP, SSBBP – East Central Region Councillor candidate

7:55 pm 9.   Greetings from PEO Council        East Central Region Councillor – Arthur Sinclair, P.Eng.
8:00 pm 10.   Chapter Activity Report                                           Chair – Larisse Nana Kouadjo, P.Eng.
8:05 pm 11. Presentation of Volunteer Recognition Pins – Michael MartinEast Central Region Councillor – Arthur Sinclair, P.Eng.
8:10 pm 12. Election of 2020 Chapter BoardElection Commissioner Past Chair: John Glover, P.Eng.
8:20 pm 13. Keynote:                                                                Chris Glover, MPP, Spadina–Fort York
9:00 pm 14. Closing Remarks & Adjournment                             Chair – Larisse Nana Kouadjo, P.Eng.

Board Nominations close January 29 then Reopen at the AGM:All East Toronto Chapter Members who either have a P.Eng. or EIT designation are eligible to stand for nomination to the Board of Directors and to vote on all matters at the AGM. A list of names prepared by the Nominating Committee will be submitted to the members. Candidates may be submitted in advance to the Nominating Committee at easttoronto@peo.on.ca.

The process of advanced nomination shall end on Wednesday January 29 2019 (one week before AGM). Nominations shall re-open at the AGM and names of additional candidates accepted up to the time of the taking of the vote with the condition that each name be submitted by a mover and a seconder, and accepted by the nominee. Should you have any questions, please email easttoronto@peo.on.ca.